Bridging the Gap – SFU’s CleanHydrogen Hub Launches a New Era in Green Energy Innovation

Jun 7, 2024

At the launch of SFU’s CleanHydrogen Hub, Professor Steven Holtcraft explained how this initiative will bridge the gap between fundamental discovery research and innovation in the quest for production of inexpensive, green hydrogen.

The event was a parade of SFU alumni including Min. Terry Beech, Min. Josie Osborne EMLI, Daniel Tetrault Burnaby City Councillor- highlighting how all 3 levels of government are investing in a hydrogen economy based in burnaby, BC and Canada.  Fortis CEO and SFU alumni Roger Dall’Antonia spoke about how BC’s largest energy utility is pursuing a path toward renewable natural gas and green hydrogen. With funding from @PacifiCAN, ICE Fund led by Kym Thrift, Min Osborne emphasised the regional Hydroge hubs support of heavy duty transportation, industrial heating and remote communities will accelerate development of the clean economy.

B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE) Sarah Goodman gave a shout out to the First Movers to support Hydrogen Hub including Ged McLean,Todd Sayers, and Raymond Tang.

Min Beech also announced Pacifican funding for Lab2Market Program for SFU VentureLabs with delivery partner entrepreneurship@UBC to support scientist-entrepreneurs at a consortium of Western universities. Shout out to Lesley Esford and Dave Thomas.

Joy Johnson announced Professor Elicia Maine making her public debut as VoiceOver Artist of SFU Clean Hydrogen Hub video: And gave shout outs to Simon Fraser University team of Hydrogen researcher and Professor Erik Kjeang, Dugan O’Neil, Joanne Curry, Laura Sloboda, Pranshu Shelat, Finlay MacNab, Ionomr Innovations Inc. cofounder Benjamin Britton.

Great to catch up with, The University of British Columbia Hydrogen researcher Professor Walter Mérida, Thomas Budd, Marcelo Mora, Mitacs, Andrés Mahecha-Botero, Joe Mazza, Siraz Dalmir, MBA

Article From: Shannon Bard On LinkedIn

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