At Blue Orca Marine Inc., our mission is to develop and deliver zero-emission multi-purpose commercial marine vessels that are not only conscious of the environment and sustainability, but also foster Indigenous collaboration and create new business opportunities within the regions we operate. We are committed to revolutionizing the marine industry by harnessing innovative & environmentally conscious technologies, as well as cultivating lasting partnerships to drive positive change for our planet and its diverse ecosystems.


1. Environmental Consciousness

We prioritize the preservation and restoration of our planet’s ecosystems. By embracing zero-emission technologies and sustainable practices, we aim to minimize our environmental impact and lead the transition towards an eco-friendlier marine industry.

2. Sustainability

We are dedicated to promoting long-term sustainability by adopting a holistic approach to vessel design, operations, and maintenance. Our solutions prioritize renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and responsible resource management to ensure a cleaner and more sustainable future.

3. Innovation & Excellence

We embrace a culture of continuous innovation & excellence. Through research and development, we strive to push the boundaries of technology, design, and operations, ensuring that our vessels are at the forefront of environmental performance, safety, and efficiency.

4. Indigenous Collaboration 

We deeply respect and value the knowledge, traditions, and rights of Indigenous communities. By actively engaging with Indigenous communities, we strive to foster meaningful collaborations that honor their heritage, promote cultural preservation, and create equitable economic opportunities.

5. Community Empowerment 

We believe that our success is intertwined with the prosperity of the communities we serve & operate within. We are committed to creating new business opportunities for local communities by facilitating job creation, supporting local suppliers, and investing in capacity-building initiatives that foster sustainable economic development.

6. Ethical Practices

Integrity, transparency, and accountability are the cornerstones of our business. We uphold the highest ethical standards in all our operations, respecting the rights and dignity of our employees, partners, and stakeholders, while working towards a more inclusive and socially responsible marine industry.

Together, with a steadfast commitment to our mission and these core values, we aim to revolutionize the commercial maritime sector, inspire change, and leave a positive and lasting impact on the environment, communities, and Indigenous collaborations.